We Have Discounted Properties Just For You!

Hello I'm John'Andrew,

And I have a lot of properties for you. Single & Multi Family, Cobb County, Fulton, Dekalb County and Gwinnett. For sale in theses area and I am looking Cash Buyers for my Discounted Properties I have in the Counties.....

If you're interested please respond with your buying criteria.

1. Find out if they're still in the market of purchasing property around the Metro are?
2. If yes, Then find out what area's do they prefer to buy in?
3. Next question, is what type of property area they looking for 
SFH, (single family home) , what size, 2br/ 2ba or higher or 3br/2ba +
4. Next find out there price range and their max amount?

Now the finish Qualifying questions.

1. How long does it normally take in order for you to close on a deal if it fit your criteria?
2. If you don't mind can you please send me an POF (Proof Of Funds) so take I can put you on my V.I.P List this list receives my SDP's (Super Discounted Properties) first

But before I get to the properties, I have to share just a bit about the Deal Maker Seminar this past weekend with Larry Harbolt. I got a ton of great concepts and a new way at looking at deals. We are going to ramp up a marketing program to hopefully allow us to find more deals to bring you and to maybe be able to offer seller financing to you the investor.

So it looks something like this . . . if I find the right seller who will allow me to purchase a property on terms, i would then turn around and sell it to you on higher terms so that you can get a house with out bank financing and make money renting it out while I make some money for finding you the deal. If we both have a low amount down into the property, we can do more deals . . . you do what you do . . rent them out and we do what we do and find the deals. Interested?

We have one on the list that we are wholesaling that we could seller finance, the one in Atlanta

So on with the properties: